, 2012
Extrusions and metal rebars
90 x 110 x 160 cm

A spider, maybe. With too many leg pairs and a big stomach. No web, no prey – just mass.
A hanging body. Stretched, elongated. In its utmost search for a way to hold its aesthetic balance. An equilibrium. A total control.
Almost certainly, therefore, the body of an animal. It has the grace of an animal’s movements. Its lightness. Its sense of measure.
The work consists of two different types of iron extrusions that have been pierced, cut, bent, twisted, bolted and stuck one onto the other. They are a bundle of filaments that can only find a shape because they are forcefully wedged one into the other. Each single element is indeed perforated and poked with iron rebars, weaving into the next one as in an iron wicker basket. The result is the overhang of a drawing. On the wall. Clinging to it.