Chiamati alla veglia, trattennero il respiro (CALLED TO THE WAKE, THEY HELD THEIR BREATH)

, 2016
Pliers and chains for pulleys, ceramic insulators, extrusions and steel ropes
90 x 90 x 460 cm each

Jury Chechi at the rings. An image that has become part of everybody’s common background, and that has been absorbed by everyone. And yet, it has that extraordinary something. Its composure is flawless, it belongs in a sense of perfect measure. Concentration, control, elegance, beauty. Man becomes an element that is exposed to emptiness, to somebody else’s gaze. Depicted in his most absolute motionlessness, he is hanging.
Chiamati alla veglia, trattennero il respiro was the award-winning work of the competition launched in 2015 by the Department of Physics of the Trento University, having the purpose to commemorate the construction, in 1985, of the ionic particle accelerator, now no longer in use. The elements forming it were kept in a laboratory, motionless. I was immediately struck by the shapes of ceramic insulators. I put them in my car and brought them to my studio. The work revolves around them: it encloses and blocks them within a structure of extrusions and bolted and welded steel plates, which are attached to chains and pliers and left hanging from the beams of the porch at the entrance of the faculty.
They show themselves as if they were two pendulums, earrings. As chandeliers, pieces of jewellery, masses, beehives, anchors. Beings with a threadlike anatomy.
They express a precise, weight/gravity-conscious complexion.
They have an inclination to conquer and at the same time to protect the space.
A seraphic couple of tutelary deities, they let themselves be watched as they look after heads and thoughts that, unaware, flow under their feet.