, 2012
Portable concrete mixer, metal extrusions, mdf bars, screws, bolts
300 x 250 x 200 cm

This work consists of the body of a portable concrete mixer to which metal extrusions, mdf bars and mdf slices were bolted, tightened and inserted, and set radially around the centre. When the concrete mixer is activated, the metal lines seem to get more and more open, as if to attract and suck up the surrounding space to their inner core. In the background, the constant muttering of the engine.

Tarantolata was conceived for the exhibition High Gospel at Museo Villa Croce in Genoa (Genoa, 2012). The museum has the structure of a neoclassical building. Its rooms follow one another creating a sort of regular ring, which constantly goes back to itself, and which now and then, along the way, will let you catch sight of the room that closes it. Right there, in that last spot, is where Tarantolata moved. It moved around itself, like a drunk, like someone who, as a joke, kept turning on one foot to see how everything around them is a whirlwind and can’t stop, not even when they feel nausea is taking over.

Tarantolata is believed to be a woman who was stung by a tarantula. Only the unbridled dancing, the music, the convulsive motion of arms and legs, the acceleration of the heart beat, stomping one’s feet to the ground, can try to exhaust and annihilate the spider.