E poi un fiore è un fiore e un fiore è ancora un fiore, e ancora un fiore, un fiore e un fiore

, 2018
Metal profiles, plexiglass, zinked bolts, ceramic bulb sockets, light bulbs, wires, dimmers
110 x 90 x 45 cm

In the beginning was a flower, and the act of deciding to allow for a long observation time, until the sense of it could emerge.
I would like this shapeless lump to carry an endangered kind of beauty.
Laconic, nostalgic, tremendously deflagrated. Its time is that of a collapse, an accident, a laceration. It is torn, stretched, set on fire.
A contorted, sharp-edged tangle, made of bent and twisted wires, cast plastics that are let fall under their own weight.
It shows the whole drifting of accelerated aging, made of scratches, cuts, abrasions, holes, slaughtered surfaces, toxic combustions.
Something has been dissolved, dehydrated, evaporated. What is left is a dry, fossil, future being.
It is the end of the trajectory of a flight, the ultimate opening of a winged being.