Night Blind Drawings

, 2021
Spray on paper, chipboard, frosted iron frame
115 x 180 x 5 cm each

Night Blind Drawings is a nocturnal, blind, calligraphic project which I created over a few months of relentless work.

It is a corpus of drawings I made in the dead of the night, with my eyes closed, the lights switched off, following a gesture that is stubbornly repeated, dictated by a graphomaniac necessity, by a freedom that goes beyond one’s sense. These tracks hint at faces, they talk about apparitions, ghostly presences, drifts, and errors.
The two large paper sheets for the exhibition “Chlamydomonas Nivalis” are a landing point of this research, so aggressive as it is silent, and they exhibit a dusty evanescence that is obtained through overlapping layers of pink spray and transparent fixatives.

They are haunted images, full of desert and wind. They remain on the threshold, at the edge between revealing and hiding, enrapturing and repelling, full and empty with an intimate exteriority.