PWS 1200 IPC KH3116

, 2008
Circular saws, nylon cord, hooks, timer
Site specific dimension

PWS 1200 IPC KH3116 arose out of a state of difficulty. At the time I was in an artistic residency in Viafarini (Milan). I had to create an exhibition that could take into account that moment of research, of work.
The location was mainly characterised by an elongated vacuity and by a hollow, estranging acoustics. It was the first time I found myself thinking in such a big space. Somehow I had to manage to keep that extension.

PWS 1200 IPC KH3116 starts from that urge. Two nylon cords are laid softly across the space, anchored on one end to angle grinders and on the other to the wall by means of hooks. As the angle grinders are switched on, the cords are suddenly lifted and rotate around themselves, generating two parallel vortexes that sharpen the empty cavity of the room, closing it into an abrasive, dangerous hiss.