, 2021
Iron wire, spray pigment
Various dimensions

In a famous bas relief by Lysippus, Kairos, the “opportune moment” is depicted as an athlete that runs with a favourable wind. His long hair cover part of his face, preventing anyone to seize him from behind.

Teste is a cycle consisting of three sculptural pieces brought about by multiple twisting of iron wires, which are subsequently painted with enamels and metal pigments. The pieces took shape over various years, by tying together, wedging, intertwining the individual elements, one by one.
These are extremely intricate structures that evoke both a multitude of natural elements related to the vegetable world, and a complex and layered artificiality. They call to mind branches, roots, moss, lichens, algae, as well as virtual re-elaborations of algorithms and differential equations, analysis diagrams, syntheses of digital signals.

Something stinging pokes and entertains a gaze that inevitably retraces edges, profiles, folds. The eyes sink into that clot and remain there, detained for a moment, as if they were abducted by a peculiar reversible, tactile, and visual relationship.