, 2022
Aluminium profiles, galvanised wire, LED strips, cables, electronic devices
Room size (sculptures: 185 x 90 x 110 cm; 205 x 90 x 120 cm)

Luciferasi is the title of a couple of sculptures that were conceived and made specially for the central spaces of the company ALA in Naples. The great architectural vacuity drawn by the intersection of the flights of stairs lends itself to being the point where gazes can gather from different levels and heights.
The work revolves around two suspended complex and intricate figures, having a threadlike anatomy, consisting of aluminium profiles, galvanised steel rods, and a fine wire mesh.
Both structures are wrapped in a 20-m portion of one high-intensity LED strip, which traces them through free spiral-shaped movements.
Directly connected to the power supply and activated by a control system that was made in collaboration with a programming laboratory, the sculptures irradiate a constantly calibrating light. As a matter of fact, the system is updated every minute and increases or decreases its intensity depending on the performance of the internet data stream within the company: the input and output traffic becomes the metaphor of energy flowing, of a circulatory system, a restless activity, a continuous exchange. It is also the living testimony of the latency of a sign – a residue and an inner resistance against the profuse communication of our daily life. The core of the project is the direct relationship created with the people who work in the company and become the main makers and authors of this light pulse. Without their active presence, these bodies are bound to fade out in intensity and vibration.

Luciferasi (luciferase) is the name of an enzyme that triggers bioluminescence in some species of living organisms. It is a matrix, an initial fascination, to which the whole project owes its existence.


Award-winning project at ALA for Art Prize, Second edition, 2022.