, 2012
Mdf panels, metal brackets, cables, light bulbs, dimmers
220 x 20 x 220 cm. Agovino Collection

Taraxacum is a work from 2012, created during the residency period at ISCP, after being awarded the New York Prize.
Fixed on a wall, it offers an architectural radial system of cables set around a central core of light bulbs. The electrical resistance exerted by dimmers and by the cable length irradiates in the surrounding space a sense of heat and a ceaseless buzz.
It vaguely reminds of flower motifs in gothic rose windows and it preserves their light and attention for decorations.
I may describe Taraxacum as a convergence of forces, as a concentration of energies that are not subject to erosion. Intense point-like loads peeking in, interweaving, multiplying. This work is extremely vital, positive. A magnetic field in a perfect balance. It does not envisage any weakening, it does not yield.
Behind it, all the power of a city such as New York, the flashing Chinatown. It breathes a sort of feverish and ravished youth, whose fall turns upside down back into life and pulsates, ceaselessly, in one’s veins.