, 2005
Sound system, subwoofer, steel ingots
Site specific dimensions

In Venice, huge water masses move periodically by gravity attraction of the sun and the moon. I imagine that the traction they exert constantly puts the earth in a condition of elongation, imposing an effort on it. That tension is not visible, but it is incessant. Its persistence has something to do with intensity.
Cluster headache is an event that squeezes and presses the intercerebral space. It may be just a particular disposition of the brain towards polar magnetic fields and moon phases.
Exerting a force on a surface will create waves, perturbations which propagate in the surrounding space. Be it about tides or electrical stimulation caused by physical pain, the consequence of these perturbations is anyhow remarkable.
RMN – presented in 2005 in the premises of the Slovenian pavilion in Venice – is an audio-ambiental installation, created by audio-transferring the tide forecast graphs and the subsequent frequency lowering of the obtained result, until the emission of a new vibration. Physical. Heavy. Sculptural. Bound to indent body cavities. To threaten. And to persist.
RMN is the tireless pressure of a wave onto a hollow thought.