They Persevere In The Bewilderment Dictated By Depth

, 2014
150 pp., 14 x 22.5 cm, Onestar Press, Paris
Limited edition, 250 numbered copies
Collection of studies

Published by the Paris publishing house Onestar Press, They Persevere in The Bewilderment Dictated By Depth is a multi-layered project, within which a dense body of single and double pairs of images find their pace. These are notes collected over years. They belong to a wide, overhanging imagery, made of animals, sculptural presences, atmospheres. Graphically and structurally they look as if they were taken from one of my notebooks.
Their pace is pressing, ceaseless. The questions in this text contribute to a sense of restlessness, to a vital urgency.
«[…] have you ever thought of being able to absorb the strike of an avalanche and remain unharmed? The roar with no memory it produces? […] Of being able to contain with your arms the continental drift? […] Of opening your rib cage because of a wish?»
This book is a damnation story – raising itself until becoming an ambiguous enchantment. With no possibility of redemption.