Untitled (From No Part Of Me Could I Summon A Voice)

, 2012
Audio installation
02’31’’ loop

Untitled is the outcome of the continuous overlapping of an audio track taken from the album “New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges” by Colin Stetson, released by Constellation Records in 2011.
As it goes, each time the recorded track is copied onto itself, and the start of the following one is delayed by few seconds, thereby causing an effect of tremble, vibration, slightly out-of-focus.
The track structure remains solid, distinctly hearable, but something gets blurry, it opens up, it gets pulverized. All the sounds seem to be on the run. Just like after an autumn gust of wind you linger with your nose in the air, fascinated, staring at swirling dry leaves, in
Untitled, ravished by a sonic hypnosis, you find yourself amidst a vertigo. Feverish, voracious, flushed.
A whirling vortex. A hellish circle.